Thursday, 14 May 2020

Improve Your Communication Skills To Be A Better Personal Injury Lawyer In Calgary

Communication is an essential aspect of any legal dealing. The difference between a standard lawyer and an excellent Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary lies mostly in the level of the communication. If you are aiming to become a successful attorney in dealing with personal injury cases, then you have to work on your communication skills. Most of the time, a plaintiff will call you immediately on the day of the accident or a few days later. The chances are high that the person will not be in a good state of mind to have an elaborate discussion with you. You have to handle the communication carefully.

Words express emotions

The choice of words matters a lot when you are in the first appointment with a probable client. You have to understand the entire scenario and decide whether the case is eligible for claiming compensation. Whatever be your conclusion, you need to explain that to the victim of the accident. If your words are satisfactory, only then can the person plan to hire you as the Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary. But if you are showing confusion through your words and way of speaking, the person will decide to meet some other lawyer for better consultation.


When you are going to negotiate with the insurance adjuster, you have to know how to keep the conversation formal and how to dominate the conversation. Your confidence in the tone will be sufficient to make the adjuster a little uncomfortable. If you allow the adjuster to dominate the verbal exchange, then you will never get the right amount that the victim should receive as compensation. The art of being a Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary, is all about how you can reach the ultimate goal only through verbal communication.

Discussion with the doctor

The injuries of the plaintiff can be severe. In that case, you need to communicate with the medical expert who is doing the treatment of the plaintiff. Elaborate discussions are necessary to understand the extent of the injuries and their impact in the future. You have to keep in mind that the doctor is also going to answer the questions of the defendant's attorney. So be sure to clarify all your doubts and ask everything related to the matter to leave no scope for new arguments. The communication is critical for the establishment of the claim.

Continuous discussion with the client

Your most important job as the Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary is to communicate with the client. Through oral communication, you can slowly build a relationship of trust with the client. Only then, the person will feel comfortable to discuss matters regarding the accident. It is a traumatic event, and you have to keep it in mind before asking too many questions. Try to use a sympathetic tone, which will make the plaintiff understand that you can also feel the pain of the person. It encourages the person to help you with every piece of information that can be valuable to the case. Visit Here: BILAB Personal Injury Lawyer

Monday, 24 February 2020

Court of Appeal Decisions Give Victims And Personal Injury Lawyer In Calgary More Time To Claim

The recent court of appeal decision proves to be beneficial for both the accident victims as well as the Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary that represent them. It gives them more time to claim benefits for catastrophic accidents. In fact, experts in the industry believe that this decision, as well as the detailed specifics of the case, will affect the personal injury system on the whole. Ideally, a person sustaining injuries that require hospitalization and surgery could use housekeeping and daycare and attendant benefits after the surgery that is available to non-catastrophically impaired victims. However, until now, these benefits are payable for 104 weeks.

Further care benefits

In case of a severe injury, the condition of the injured victim may decline after the stipulated two years, when these benefits may expire. Insurance companies may deny paying for such benefits after that time. It is this point that the Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary uses to seek further attendant care, and housekeeping benefits from the insurers provided the victim is declared as catastrophically impaired by the doctor. It gave rise to a lot of debate, and the insurance companies stuck to their point that they are not liable to pay since the time limit has expired.

License Appeal Tribunal

In comes the License Appeal Tribunal or LAT that deals with accident benefits disputes of such kind. However, the Divisional Court took the side of the insurer, saying that the legislature has done an excellent job to provide a reasonable period through which such benefits should be offered, but the insurance companies are no longer obligated to provide the benefits after the time expires and should be summarily discharged. This is irrespective of the meritorious claims of the injured victims. This led the injured victims and the Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary in a losing situation, before the Court of Appeal’s decision.

Access necessary benefits

The decision of the Court of Appeal has made it easy for the injured victims as well as the Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary to access the benefits that were nearly impossible before to receive. This means that the injured victims will now not have to wait until the time he or she is diagnosed and confirmed to be catastrophically impaired. However, time may run out till the time such diagnosis is made, and the situation is ripe for applying for benefits. This time factor, as well as the CAT statutes, may deny the victim from gaining such benefits.

Benefits of the decision

The Court of Appeal’s decision has overturned the hard time limit that may bar the injured victims from claiming enhanced benefits. The decision ensures that this time limit for applying these accident benefits are determined based on discoverability and not based on the moment of the accident. All these mean that the personal injury lawyer will now not have to rush to apply for these catastrophic accident benefits for their clients who are yet to be diagnosed catastrophically impaired. It will also make the system more effective as well as reduce the overall costs. Visit Here: BILAB Personal Injury Lawyer

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Logical Reasons To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Personal Injury Lawyer In Calgary

When an accident shakes you up, you will not be in a mental condition to make logical decisions. The trauma of the crash will haunt you every moment. Hiring the Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary might be necessary at such times. But you tend to make some common mistakes leading to the choosing of a wrong advocate to pursue the case. The advertisements of reputed law firms hardly tell you the truth. The injury claim is not an easy procedure, and you must know how to avoid the illogical mistakes at the time of need.

Don't hire general practice attorney

If specialization is not necessary for any profession, then why don't you visit a cardiologist for your tooth problems? When you understand the importance of specialized practice, then it will be illogical to hire a general lawyer instead of the experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary for the lawsuit. The laws of personal injury related compensations have numerous elements. A lawyer has to be conversant with each section as well as the exceptional cases to ably handle your situation. The person whose constant area of focus has been a personal injury case study will be the most apt one to claim for your compensation.

No upfront payment

The standard rule of any Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary is to work on a contingency basis. The attorney will fight your case. If you win, then only the person gets payment. Otherwise, you won't have to pay a single dollar to the person. The lawyer will wait for you to receive the compensation. Depending on the amount, the attorney will take an agreed percentage of the sum. The person will never bother you for payment before you receive the amount physically. Any lawyer who will ask for upfront payment is a person to avoid immediately.

Check for resource

A good Personal Injury Lawyer in Calgary, will have a permanent team of resources that will assist the person with the case. You may be wondering why the person needs a team. After your accident, you will be under medical treatment. So who will do the investigation? Who will interview the witnesses? Who will gather photographs of the accident spot? For each of these works, the attorney must have specially trained persons. Lack of resources will weaken the case. The attorney will be confused as to whether to concentrate on the legal proceedings or focus on gathering evidence. The team works as a unit to develop the case strategically.

The lawyer must be a friend, philosopher, and guide during the most difficult days of your life. Your mind will be filled up with questions and doubts. The lawyer will slowly and patiently deal with each point. It is necessary to find a dependable person. An attorney with too many cases in hand will hardly give you any time to create a comfortable space. Avoid such highly professional ones who cant be the comfort you seek at the time of need. The reasonable attorney will always put your interests first. Visit Here: BILAB Personal Injury Lawyer

Monday, 22 July 2019

A Personal Injury Lawyer In Calgary Uses Knowledge of Medical Terms To Assist Your Case

Personal injury lawyer in Calgary tries everything possible to increase your chances of winning higher amounts in damages. One way is to fall back on their knowledge of medical terminologies when negotiating settlement for their clients. Now for example, after an accident, you go to emergency room and x-ray shows a broken collarbone. ER visit and the diagnosis signify out of the pocket expenses. When your lawyer discusses your injuries with claims adjuster, they do not talk about the collarbone but refer to this as the clavicle of the claimant. Instead of informing that, you have a broken collarbone, personal injury lawyer in Calgary say that you have a fractured clavicle.

The lawyers want their clients to understand this as well and learn about the clavicle and its functions. As your doctor is going to tell you fractured clavicle often heals improperly, the symptoms are not immediately apparent, and it takes some time before it becomes obvious. In case of improper healing, you have to undergo surgery that aligns bones, holding them in position as it heals. Sometimes the surgeon has to insert pins to hold these in place.

With proper negotiations and solid evidence, one can get damages in multiplier of 1.5 to 3.5 from the adjusters. When your personal injury lawyer in Calgary states the medically supported reasons regarding surgical intervention the adjuster listens. The limitation statute for the claim is four years in most cases. Your lawyer tells the adjuster that you should wait one more year to review the progress of healing of injures. In most cases, the insurance company raises the offer.

Much depends upon your negotiation tactic and one big part is the discussion of the injuries using the related medical terms. Personal injury lawyer in Calgary gives your fact-based concerns regarding the way this injury turns out in the future. The adjusters seldom want to keep files of claimant on their desks for one more year so they settle the claim quickly with higher amounts.

Most whiplash injuries occur when someone hits your car from behind. If you are lucky, there are no brain concussions or broken bones. When you do not go to emergency room, the next morning it becomes impossible to lift the arms. You experience painfully stiff shoulder and neck so that you there is great difficulty in turning your head. The family doctor diagnoses whiplash so you undergo 30-day therapy with chiropractic and medical bills.

When negotiating with adjuster, personal injury lawyer in Calgary does not refer to your injuries as whiplash though as this is a huge mistake, as this is a colloquial term. The term commonly used to describe this injury is cervical acceleration-deceleration (CAD). They discuss the valid concerns of CAD with chances of any future complications. Visit Here: BILAB Personal Injury Lawyer

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Avail The Assistance of A Personal Injury Lawyer In Calgary In Following Scenarios

The personal injuries refer to the physical or psychological injuries or illnesses caused by the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of another individual. The intentional tort or wrongdoing of another individual also falls under the category of personal injury. In Ontario, the victims of personal injury accidents are eligible to receive compensatory damage from the at-fault party or the individual responsible for the accident and injuries stemming from an accident.A defendant’s insurance company is usually liable to pay the compensation.However, a defendant may need to pay this compensation in the absence of any insurer. In either scenario, a victim cannot win any compensation with the display of injuries or with the claims of psychological distress. It is essential for a victim to file a personal injury lawsuit and to win the compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Calgary.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents

The majority of the personal injury lawsuits are filed after traffic accidents. In Calgary, the injured drivers of both cars are eligible to receive benefits from own auto insurance companies. These benefits are paid for their medical treatments well as to compensate for the financial losses stemming from an accident.However, the insurance benefits may be insufficient for the compensation of a victim’s financial losses or pain and suffering if he/she receives severe injuries or traumas. In this scenario, a personal injury lawyer in Calgary may help a victim avail additional compensation from a defendant’s insurer via a lawsuit. Alongside the automobile drivers, the pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and passengers are eligible to receive compensation from a defendant’s insurance company for their losses.

A slip/trip-and-fall accident also turns a victim eligible to receive compensation for their injuries and other associated losses. However, every victim of slip/trip-and-fall accident is not eligible for compensation. A personal injury lawyer in Calgary has to prove that an accident happened due to the negligence/carelessness/inattentiveness of a premise’s owner.

An accident may even happen due to a product’s designing or manufacturing defect. In this scenario, a personal injury lawyer in Calgary can help you avail compensation for your injuries or other losses from the insurer of the liable business entity. However, it is essential to avail the service of an attorney who has handled multiple lawsuits related to defective product accidents, as it is difficult to correctly select the liable party amidst multiple business entities.

The expertise of an accomplished personal injury lawyer in Calgary is equally essential for the lawsuits stemming from trucking accidents, as the identification of correct liable party is equally essential in this type of lawsuit. There may be four liable parties present in a trucking accident, such as driver, trucking company’s owner, manufacturer of truck’s parts or loading company. An experienced lawyer can find out the correct liable party based on a collection of evidences and data. Visit Here: BILAB Personal Injury Lawyer

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Seek The Assistance of A Personal Injury Lawyer In Calgary After Different Types of Accidents

The accidents are unpredictable events that may lead to injuries. The medical or surgical care you may require after an accident may significantly increase your expenditures. An accident is always responsible for different types of losses. However, if these losses stem from someone else’s negligence or carelessness, then you may sue the responsible party for your losses through a personal injury lawsuit. This tort claim can compensate you for your financial losses along your pain and suffering. However, it is essential to retain the service of a personal injury lawyer in Calgary in order to avail adequate amount of compensatory damage.

A personal injury lawyer is not only able to help you with the lawsuits related to traffic accidents or truck accidents. In the diverse field of personal injury accidents, a personal injury lawyer can help you win compensation for accidents due to defective products, inadequate care within a school premise or in a playground, reckless/careless boating and dog-bite injuries.The injury lawyers also handle the lawsuits related to slip-and-fall accidents. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Calgary can even handle the medical malpractice lawsuits.

Common Cases of Personal Injury

Automobile Accidents

The majority of the personal injury lawsuits results from automobile accidents. These accidents do not just injure the driver of another automobile. It is equally possible for a pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcyclist to receive severe injured after colliding with a car. The automobile accidents may result in moderate to severe injuries and losses for the victims. The pedestrians/cyclists/bikers are at the risk of getting severe to fatal injuries after an automobile accident. A personal injury lawyer in Calgary can help the victims receive sufficient amount of insurance benefits along with the adequate amount of compensation from the at-fault party if the insurance benefits cannot compensate for all losses.

Boating Accidents

Boating is a favorite recreational sport. Therefore, boating accidents are not uncommon in this city. A personal injury lawyer in Calgary can help you receive adequate compensatory damage for your losses if an accident happens due to a boat’s owner’s/operator’s negligence. A boat’s operator is not permitted to steer a boat under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. An operator or owner also has the responsibility to maintain a boat in a reasonably safe condition for the passengers. This type of negligence or carelessness enables an injury lawyer to avail compensation for a victim’s losses from the insurance company.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents are quite common events, especially during winter, as the roads remain covered with snow. However, these accidents may also happen due to a property owner’s/manager’s negligence in maintaining a property in a reasonably safe condition for the visitors. A visitor may receive moderate to severe injury due to this negligence along with other losses. A personal injury lawyer in Calgary can help victims get compensation for their losses from a property’s owner/manager due to breach of duty of care. Visit Here: BILAB Personal Injury Lawyer

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

When You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer In Calgary?

At times, hiring a personal injury lawyer and the threat they pose to the insurance company is worth your money, for you can find an experienced personal injury lawyer in Calgary and get covered for the damages. As the legal rules are quite complex, the harmed or injured person needs someone to represent him in the court. Besides, it may not be easy to calculate the compensation amount for that varies to a great extent. There may be a problem with the insurance company that refuses to settle the claim easily. For all these reasons, a person needs to find a suitable personal injury lawyer.

Is it a permanent and long-term disability?

If the injury is long term and has led to a permanent disability, affecting your physical appearance and capabilities over a long period of time, a highly capable personal injury lawyer in Calgary can figure out the cost of injury. An individual needs the assistance of a professional and experienced lawyer under every circumstance. The compensation amount is determined after considering the extent of injury and damage. If the injury is too severe, the person is liable to get more money. But it is important to prove in the court that the other party is only responsible for the harm. The medical bill may also determine the severity of the injury, the nature of the injury suffered, and the amount of time it takes for the person to recover from the injury. When the amount of potential compensation increases, the range of compensation within which it falls also tend to get wider. It is therefore wise to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent your case if you want the compensation to fall within the highest range.

Medical malpractice claims

A person who is the victim of medical malpractice must hire a personal injury lawyer in Calgary. Medical malpractice is pretty common whereby an individual may suffer illness or injury, due to the negligence of some medical professional. If the doctor, the clinician or medical staff are incompetent, the patient may suffer on their account. This can lead to medical malpractice claim whereby the victim can move to the court and present his case to fetch the rightful amount of compensation. In such a case, you should hire a lawyer who is experienced in handling medical malpractice case.

Exposure to toxic contaminants

If you think your workplace is not safe and you are constantly exposed to toxic contaminants, then regular medical check-up is mandatory. It may be difficult to prove such claims but still a personal injury lawyer in Calgary can collect evidence and show how far you are affected due to it. There can be numerous situations when you require a personal injury lawyer to represent your case. Ask your friends and acquaintances to give the names of the best personal injury lawyers. Visit Here: BILAB Personal Injury Lawyer